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Our Plunge Pools are not only affordable but also offer the latest in technology to make owning a pool as easy as possible.

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Filtering costs from 23 cents per day. 70% more efficient than traditional pool equipment.

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Cost effective, easy-to-use chlorine free pool management system available that doesn't affect psoriasis, asthma and dermatitis.

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Supporting Australian jobs by purchasing quality Australian Manufactured products.


Plunge Pools Available from $10,990

Our Round and Rectangle Plunge Pools are available from 3,065 litres to 14,000 litres.

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Our Plunge Pools all use Astral Pool equipment for your total peace of mind. Our equipment packages are available in 3 packs, depending on how self maintained you want your Plunge Pool to be. Some of our equipment includes:

- Can be used for multiple applications including Filtering, Solar and Heat Pump
- Features fast priming programs
- Super quiet operation
- Reduces carbon emissions
- Longer pump & equipment life
- Ensures Plunge Pool automation
- Integrates all your Plunge Pool equipment
- Includes 10 equipment outlets, 4 motorised outlets and more! If purchasing any optional upgrades the Viron Connect 10 can operate these too.
- Features one of the largest leaf baskets available, reducing the frequency of cleaning
- Australian designed and manufactured
- Made from Australian compounded UV stabilized high impact ABS plastic
- Works in conjunction with the Viron Connect 10
- Control your Plunge Pool anytime, anywhere at the push of the button
- To operate your Plunge Pool log into the mobile app, all you need is a Wi-Fi connection
- Designed for lower pressure loss which results in less power consumption with optimal flow rates
- Fully injection moulded for longest life and high strength
- Features unique lock ring valve which secures in seconds and enables fastest and lowest cost maintenance
- Glass Media filters 30% more organic material than sand, creating a result of crystal clear water
- Reduces the growth and build up of bacteria, slime and algae in the filter bed
- Reduces unpleasant chlorine smells

Bronze Plunge Pool Package

  • Our Bronze package includes all the necessary equipment for a clear and clean filtered Plunge Pool. With this system, just balance your water , and remember you need an approved Sanitiser product.

Silver Plunge Pool Package

  • Silver is our mid range system, like the Bronze package this system will include everything required for your Plunge Pool. In the Silver package we also add Acuatherape Magnesium, a system that will automatically sanitise and kill bacteria in the Plunge Pool. With this system, please note that you will still have the responsibility of water balancing.

Gold Plunge Pool Package

  • Gold is our elite package, designed for pool owners who have minimal time in maintaining their pool and want as lower maintenance Plunge Pool as possible. This system includes a self adjusting sanitisation system and maintains correct water balance (water testing is still necessary).


Looking for install inspiration? Check out our Gallery!


Welcome to Plunge Pool Direct’s Frequently Asked Questions page. If the below doesn’t provide the answers that you are looking for, please either contact us using our Contact Form or call us on 03 9721 8865 and we will be able to assist with any enquiries you may have.

Before looking at Plunge Pools the first thing to do is look in your backyard and work out where you would have it. Plunge Pools are available in different shapes and sizes. Would you be more looking for a round or a rectangle Plunge Pool and what size can you fit/do you want?
These are some of the first questions we will ask you when you talk to us, so it is good to have an idea of what you are after. If you have a smaller backyard you might be limited in space so it is important to do measurements prior to looking.

Along with space available, there are also several other factors to consider. Plunge Pools start as just that, a Plunge Pool, but can be fully customised, making them fully unique to each of our customers. Options available is either a quarter or half step in the Plunge Pool as well as jet upgrades, and even the finish of the Plunge Pool. At Plunge Pools Direct we specialise in a tile finish, and can even organize a tiler for you.

Our Plunge Pools include a Sand Filter which should be cleaned on a monthly basis. To backwash your filter push the lever down and twist into ‘backwash’ position for approx. 3 minutes followed by ‘rinse’ for approx. 1 minute. When completed you MUST change the diverter back to ‘filtration’. For the full guide on how to backwash your filter, please see our video

All Plunge Pools (above and in ground) require a base of 100mm thick crushed rock which must be level and compacted. If the base is not level and flat the base of the Plunge Pool might crack which is not covered under warranty.

Plunge Pools start as just a basic Plunge Pool, with the option to upgrade from there. Along with the option to choose from either our Bronze, Silver or Gold equipment packages and equipment upgrades there are also other Plunge Pool features to choose from. Options for these include steps, jets and the finish you would like on your Plunge Pool. To see our tiling options available please call us today on 03 9721 8865.

When discussing freight with crane companies they will need to know the weight and size of the Plunge Pool as well as access to your property. Access questions will consist of: will they need a crane to get the Plunge Pool into position, if so how many meters reach and where is the entry point for access? Is the block flat or up a hill? Are there trees or power lines blocking access to the property, etc.

Yes, all Plunge Pools sold in Victoria require a permit. If you live outside of Victoria and not sure of the regulations for your state, please check with your local council.

It is up to the customer to supply water for their Plunge Pool, this is usually done using the mains water supply.

Abolustley! Tank water can be used to fill your Plunge Pool.

If you are experiencing any issues with you Plunge Pool not working please give us a call on 03 9721 8865.

The pump on your Plunge Pool should run between 4-5 hours a day.

All Plunge Pools include a 10 year structural guarantee.

At Plunge Pools Direct our Plunge Pools can be installed in ground or above ground.

From the day that you place your deposit on your Plunge Pool, delivery can take up to 8 weeks. Please note this is a guide and can change subject to season, for a more adequate time frame please contact us.



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