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3 items to consider when choosing a location for your Plunge Pool

June 12, 2018

Purchasing a Plunge Pool is not only an investment but something that you will be living with for years to come. Due to the size and weight of the Plunge Pool, once you have picked a location you won’t be able to change it unless you get a crane in. When choosing a location for your Plunge Pool there are several items you should consider.

1. Is there a particular view that you wish to admire from your Plunge Pool? It may be the case where your backyard overlooks a stunning view of the hills, imagine how nice is could be to overlook the view as you relax in your Plunge Pool.

2. Is the location where you want your Plunge Pool private? it could be off putting sitting and relaxing in your Plunge Pool in full view of your neighbors. if you know where you want to put your pool but it happens to be in view, a way to add some privacy is by putting a shade over your Plunge Pool, this can also help protect you from the sun in Summer.

3. Remember that like with a Pool, a Plunge Pool needs the equipment to be set up externally. When choosing a location is is advised to choose a location close to the Plunge Pool. The closer the equipment, the better the equipment will work. All equipment has the option of being placed either out in the open or under cover, however if you choose to have a Heat Pump or Gas Heater this must be placed out in the open.

So keep in mind these points when picking your Plunge Pools location, a Plunge Pool is an item you will be living with for years to come!

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