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4 Reasons why you should consider a Hardcover for your Plunge Pool

August 22, 2019

If looking a Plunge Pool, one item we strongly suggest purchasing as an upgrade is a Hard Cover. Our Hardcovers are chemical and UV resistant and feature a vinyl finish with an internal of insulated foam.

This Blog article covers the top 4 reasons why you should purchase a Hardcover as an Upgrade.

  1. Keeps debris & dirt out: Its basic logic right, with a Hardcover on your pool (or any water vessel) items such as leaves, dirt and any other type of debris won’t be able to get into your pool. This will result in less maintenance of cleaning your concrete/Aqualux/Tiled/Painted Plunge Pool, and more time to sit back and enjoy.
  2. Prevents water loss: As well as keeping dirt and leaves out of your pool, another main factor to consider is evaporation. By keeping a Hardcover on your pool, the rate of evaporation will be far less on your pool, resulting in you not needing to top up the water level as often.
  3. Provides a lower running cost: If both of the above points don’t convince you that you need a Hardcover, then this point should. A vital option to think about when upgrading to a heater (heat pump, gas heater or solar), is a Hardcover. By having a Hardcover, the work that the heater will do doesn’t go to waste. The Hardcover will keep the heat from the water inside the pool, which results in a lower running cost. By not having the Hardcover, your heater will need to work overtime, as the Plunge Pool will need the heater running more frequently, due to heat escaping the pool (when not in use).
  4. Extra level of safety: Although having a Hardcover on your Plunge Pool won’t make it comply to Australian Standard with fencing laws, it will make your Plunge Pool safer. By having a Hardcover over your Plunge Pool there is that extra level of safety, even if kids are able to get into the enclosed Pool area, they won’t be able to easily get into the Plunge Pool with a Hardcover over the Pool. This being as to get into the pool, they will first need to remove the Hardcover out of the way.

Note: At Plunge Pools Direct we advise as per law, that all Plunge Pools have a legally approved safety barrier and permit.

In summary, our Hardcovers are a popular option for those wanting to use their Plunge Pools 365 days a year! Along with a heating source, just imagine waking up on a wintery day, removing the Hardcover on your Plunge Pool to nice and hot 38 degree water.

We have Hardcovers available to suit all our Plunge Pools. To see our pools available, please click here.

To learn more about our Hardcovers please click here and scroll down to our Upgrades tab.

For a quote on a Plunge Pool with a Hardcover, Heater range or both, please send us an enquiry via our form.

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