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5 Best Upgrades for Plunge Pools & Why

October 4, 2019

So you have chosen your Plunge Pool and finish, what next? When it comes to upgrades for your Plunge Pool there are many options to consider. In some cases such as heating, it is important to consider certain upgrades prior to delivery of your pool, or there could be an additional cost on site from your installer.

This blog post covers the top 5 upgrades you should consider for your Plunge Pool, and why.

  1. Heating: As Plunge Pools are not sold with a heater, one question you should ask yourself is if you would like to use your pool seasonally or if you would like to use it all year round. In the case where you do want to use it 365 days a year, you should definitely look into a heating system. At Plunge Pools Direct we have 3 options: Heat Pump, Gas Heater and Solar. The heating method that is best for you will depend on multiple factors such as delivery location (it it warmer in Queensland than Victoria) along with how often you would like to use your pool.
  2. Hardcover: In the case where you have chosen to go ahead with a heating unit for your Plunge Pool, one item we strongly urge our customers to purchase is a Hardcover. With the internal of the hardcover made from insulated foam, this UV and chemical resistant cover will save you money with your running costs. By keeping the cover on the pool (when not in use), the heat from the pool from the heating unit will stay in the pool. This means that the heater won’t need to run as long making your running cost significantly lower. An added bonus, your pool will always be ready for you to enjoy- toasty warm in winter, and cool and relaxing in summer.
  3. Valve Actuator: In cases where you would like Solar as well as a secondary heating unit (Gas Heater or Heat Pump), a Valve Actuator is a must have item on your list. Solar is a fantastic option for heating your pool, but what happens in winter when its cold and there is no sun? Rather than no sun, another heating source is a popular option. The Valve Actuator works as a diverter. In the case where Solar and and a Gas Heater are connected to your pool, the valve will only open when the roof temperature is 4 degrees above the pool temperature, resulting in the Solar system to heat your pool. In the circumstance where the roof is less than 4 degrees, the valve will automatically divert, resulting in the Gas Heater heating your pool.
  4. Zodiac TX35 Tornax Robotic Pool Cleaner: This robotic pool cleaner will leave your Plunge Pool looking clean and ready to use resulting in more fun and less maintenance. The TX35 is designed to clean both the walls and floor of your pool with a 2.5 hour cleaning cycle. Debris is easy to remove with front scrubbing brushes on the unit which provides a deep clean and removes small particles stuck on the walls and floor. With Plug and Play technology and a large handle, the Zodiac TX35 Tornax Robotic Pool Cleaner is an essential for any Plunge Pool.
  5. Blue Connect: For those interested in purchasing a Bronze Package, we can’t recommend our Blue Connect high enough. Gone are the days where you are guessing how much of what product to add to your Plunge Pool so that bacteria doesn’t grow, and so that the water looks fresh, clean and clear. The Blue Connect is a digital pool analyzer which when linked to your Smartphone will send you updates of when the water balance is low. It will also send you step by step instructions on how much to add of which chemical product and also send you a notification when your water balance is low and needs topping up. This smart device is designed to make owning a pool a breeze and takes the guesswork out of owning a pool.

As well as the above, we have a range of other options and upgrades for your Plunge Pool. For a full list of upgrades available, please click here.

For more information on the above options, please click here.

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