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5 Reasons why Chlorine Free is the perfect choice for your Plunge Pool

March 13, 2019

With multiple chemical options out there for Pools, Spas, Swim Spas and Plunge Pools, we at Plunge Pools Direct believe one of the most important aspects is water balancing.

For all Bronze Packaged Plunge Pools we recommend using Crystal Waters Pool and Spa Solutions.

This blog covers 5 reasons why we are loving chlorine free at the moment.

  1. Chlorine and Bromine Free: The whole family can enjoy their plunge pool with that clear, clean chlorine free feeling! Gone are the days where the pool smells like chlorine, or where a family member needs to watch from the sidelines as they are allergic to chlorine. Crystal Waters is a natural chemical system that also doesn’t affect plants or the lawn, so the pool water can be drained onto the garden.
  2. Good for Sensitive Skin: Along with being completely chlorine free, Crystal Waters is completely non-irritant and gentle. Poliheaxanide Hydrachloride, the active constituent, is extensively used in medical areas and hospitals as a powerful sanitiser for killing bacteria. Along with this, Crystal Waters doesn’t affect allergies such as dermatitis, asthma, eczema and psoriasis.
  3. Simple 3 Part Dosing System: Dosing your Plunge Pool is easy. Made up of 3 main chemicals: Sanitiser, Miriclear Algaecide and Shine dosing is weekly for your sanitiser, fortnightly for the Shine and every 6 weeks for your Miriclear. Please note that like with all chemical systems, correct water balance is required. Dosages are small as well making chlorine free an affordable option. Even better, you don’t need a salt water chlorinator!
  4. Available Australia Wide: With chlorine free options available for plunge pools, pools, spas, and swim spas, shipping is available Australia wide. To order click here.
  5. No Effect on Pool & Spa Equipment: One of the fantastic things about Crystal Waters is that it won’t affect the finish or the equipment on your Plunge Pool.

For additional details on Crystal Waters, please click here.

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