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Cartridge VS Glass Media Filtration

September 18, 2019

At Plunge Pools Direct, all our AstralPool Equipment Packages include the choice of either a CA300 Filter with Viron Active Glass Media, or a ZX250 Cartridge Filter. If wondering what the differences are, then this article is for you as it is designed to help you understand what filter type is best for you and your lifestyle.

CA300 Filter with Viron Active Glass Media

Recommended for those who have access to waste (sewer), the CA300 Filter system is 100% designed and made in Australia for tough Australian conditions. Whereas some other pool companies might sell this filter with sand, we go one step further and use recycled crushed glass media.

Glass media is used as it is harder than sand, so not only will it filter better but it will also last longer. Due to sand having a more rounded edge, glass media also traps dirt better than sand, leaving the water looking cleaner and clearer.

The CA300 Filter System also includes an engineered multiport valve, which is designed to direct the water flow and minimise resistance through the filter, leaving you with crystal clear water.

Other key features of the CA300 Filter with Glass Media, as below:

  • Compact size so limited space is required
  • Premium 10 lateral under drain designed for low pressure loss which requires less power consumption for optimal flow rates
  • Fully injection moulded for higher strength and longer life
  • Unique lock ring secures valve in just seconds which enables less installation and less maintenance
  • Unique under drain system ensures effective backwashing in less time which will save water

ZX250 Cartridge Filter

In situations where waste (sewer) is not available, we recommend our ZX250 Cartridge Filter system. This compact and unique design is the perfect option for your Australian Plunge Pool, and with its low height, can fit in plant rooms under decks.

Environmentally friendly, this filtration system reduces maintenance whilst saving thousands of litres of water every year. Instead of backwashing thousands of litres of water, this filter requires only 100 litres of water to clean the antimicrobial elements, making this system environmentally friendly.

The antimicrobial elements in the filter lasts the lifetime of the filter element and is used to reduce the growth of microbes, algae and bacteria in a unique process that reduces maintenance to the pool owner. It also helps make swimming and bathing safe for those who use your Plunge Pool.

(Filter has a long life)

Other key features of the ZX250 Cartridge Filter system are as below:

  • Includes a built in air bleed system so manual air bleeding is no longer required
  • 50mm water connections glue in so installation is faster as well as the filter system has the capacity to handle high flow rates

In conclusion, although we do have the 2 systems available, choosing which filtration system you go with is easy. Remember, if you have waste (sewer) available, our CA300 Filter with Viron Glass Media is our recommended choice. However if you don’t, the ZX250 Cartridge Filter System is the way to go.

Basic information on both filtration systems along with other information on Packages and Upgrades can be found here.

For additional information please either send us an enquiry, or contact our sales team on 1300 826 538.


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