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FREE Blue Connect on all New Orders

September 20, 2018

All Plunge Pool orders placed on the 11th and 12th August 2018 will receive a FREE Blue Connect worth $495.

The Blue Connect Smart Pool Analyser is the ultimate upgrade that helps take the hassle out of owning a Plunge Pool. Measuring 253mm x 96mm and weighing 711g, the Blue connect floats in your pool and links to your phone so you will be notified if there is an issue with your pool. This device measures items such as temperature (5 degrees to 50 degrees), pH (0-14), ORP (0-999 mV), Salt Levels and more!

So how does it work? Blue Connect is the ultimate step-by-step assistant. Install takes less than 3 minutes, simply download the app on your smart phone, and connect to your Blue Connect. If Blue Connect detects that something is wrong with your Pool water, it will send push notifications to your phone, informing you of the issue and how to fix it in easy steps. For example it may be the case where your Pool is low on water and you may not realize. Blue Connect will know this and send you a notification asking you to top up the water. Another scenario is that if your pH is low, you will receive a notification telling you the pH is low, as well as simple instructions of what product to add, how much and when to add it, until your water is balanced.

Blue Connect links to the cloud straight out of the box via Sigfox wireless transmission. It can also just as easily connect to your phone via local Bluetooth.

For additional details please send us a message via our enquiry form or call our knowledgeable sales staff on (03) 9721 8865.

The Blue Connect is the perfect Pool accessory as it takes out all the hassle out of using test strips. so don’t miss out, place an order on any Plunge Pool on the 11th or 12th August 2018 to receive a Blue Connect FREE.

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