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Key Features of Magnesium

February 2, 2021

MagnaPool Magnesium


If looking to transfer your Plunge Pool into a luxurious mineral bath, then MagnaPool is the solution. With specially blended minerals that are designed to soften your pool water, MagnaPool offers a swimming or bathing experience like no other. Swimmers can absorb up to 500ml of water in an hour of pool use so the unique blend of magnesium can provide health benefits for the skin, hair, eyes and nervous system.

Key features of MagnaPool

  • Softens water for a silky smooth swimming experience
  • Inhibits scale, staining and calcium build up
  • Does not affect allergies such as eczema or psoriasis
  • Made of a unique blend of minerals that replicate the therapeutic and healing properties of the dead sea
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Luxuriate in a mineral spa in your own backyard

Using MagnaPool In Your Plunge Pool:

Included as standard in our Gold Package, MagnaPool is a mineral system that is added on a yearly basis (on average). Exact dosage amounts are determined on factors such as is your Plunge Pool has a hardcover or not (sunlight vs, almost no sunlight on water) along with how much use your Plunge Pool has. The more sunlight and more use with a large quantity of people, the more dosages (instead of 1 dosage a year it might be 2).

MagnaPool works in conjunction with your Viron eQuilibrium EQ18 Chlorinator and Probes (Probes included depend on Pool Package). Once Magnesium is manually added to your Plunge Pool, a required level of sanitisation is programmed into your Viron Chlorinator, which will then send a charge to the Magnesium, thus creating sanitiser. Dosing instructions can be found below.

Gold Package: Our Gold Package is our self automated system and includes a pH Probe & ORP Probe. This means that the Viron eQuilibrium EQ18 Chlorinator will automatically adjust to input the correct amount of sanitisation and pH levels required. Just add your MagnaPool magnesium every year (or as required) and away you go.

Please note, water should still be checked on a monthly basis.

Additional details for MagnaPool Magnesium can be found here.

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