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Package Breakdown: Bronze Package

September 24, 2019

When choosing a package for your Plunge Pool it is important to understand the difference between the packages available. A Plunge Pool is an investment, so why should the equipment package be any exception? It is important to understand when purchasing a Plunge Pool what equipment is included, and what it is used for so you can work out which option is best for you and your family. Researching this could save you thousands over the life of your Plunge Pool in running costs. This Blog covers the breakdown of what is included in our Bronze Equipment Package.

Our Bronze Package includes AstralPool equipment on all items (in exception to chemicals.) With this system, you are required to balance your water with an approved sanitiser product such as Crystal Waters Pool & Spa Solutions (included.) This system is perfect for those who are on a budget, or those want a more natural chemical system- such as chlorine free.

Inclusions in our Bronze Packages are as follows:

  • Viron P320 XT Variable Speed Pump: This AstralPool Pump is a must for your Plunge Pool. This environmentally friendly pump reduces energy consumption by up to 90% and effectively reduces greenhouse emissions by up to 90% (when power is supplied from coal fired power plants.) The pump in a Plunge Pool is a very important factor as it is used to filter the pool leaving it clean, clear and sanitised (with chemical system.)

This pump is more efficient than other conventional single speed pumps and can save you between $700 – $1,200* every year in operating costs.

*Information supplied by Viron. Comparisons based on standard 1HP pump operating 8 hours per day and Viron P320 XT operating on low speed for 12 hours a day on a 50,000 litre pool. Cost of electricity used is $0.28 per kw/h, including a 2& increase in electricity charges each year.

  • Viron Connect 10 Pool & Spa Controller: This device is used to operate the equipment used for your Plunge Pool. With an advanced LCD touchscreen interface, this is an item that can be easily used by the whole family. 
  • Crystal Waters Plunge Pool Chemical Pack 2.5L: This chemical system is perfect for those want a chlorine free Plunge Pool. With natural components, Crystal Waters doesn’t affect allergies such as asthma, psoriasis or dermatitis and leaves your water looking crystal clear. This hospital grade sanitiser is APVMA approved and leaves the water feeling soft. Chemical systems are required for all pools, plunge pools, spas and swim spas as it will kill bacteria and algae, leaving you and your family clean, sanitised water.
  • Handover Kit: Our Handover Kit is the perfect addition for your Plunge Pool. It includes items that will make looking after your Plunge Pool easier such as a telepole, vac head and leaf scoop. Additional items such as a beach ball will also provide extra fun for the family.
  • SLX Light Flush Mount LED 7 Colours with Transformer: Brighter than other LED’s available on the market, our LED lighting is available as standard in every Bronze Package. 7 colours are available with this system and a transformer is included as it changes power from AC to DC (therefore changing to a lower voltage,) making it safe to use in your Plunge Pool. To go one step further, you are able to adjust the brightness level, and this system has brighter LED’s than some others available on the market.
  • APA Skimmer White & Grey Skimmer Lid: The Skimmer is another one of the most important items in your equipment package. The larger the basket on the skimmer, the less cleaning required, resulting in less maintenance by the customer. A Skimmer is a vital element for all Plunge Pools, Pools, Spas & Swim Spas as it skims debris off the surface of the water. AstralPool’s APA Skimmer includes one of the largest leaf baskets available on the market. Australian designed and manufactured, this Skimmer has no glue joins which can leak. It is also extra quiet as the weir flap sits under the water line. 
  • Eyeballs Return- 25mm: Eyeballs (returns) are fittings that are plumbed to the internal of the pool. The plumbing for these 25mm (industry standard 19mm) Eyeballs are connected to your filtration pump. Due to this they can’t be shut off and only run when your filtration pump or your Solar, Heat Pump or Gas Heater are running.

In addition, each Plunge Pool also has the option of one of two filtration systems.

Options consist of our CA300 Filter with Viron Active Glass Media as well as our ZX250 Cartridge Filter. Information on both filter systems can be seen via our Blog.

If the thought of manually checking your pool and adjusting the water is putting you off a Plunge Pool, then one item you should consider is a Blue Connect. Blue Connect is a device that combines a water quality sensor and smart algorithms which mixes water, weather and user data. In other words, this smart pool analyzer will check your pool (as requested) and send notifications to your smartphone to balance your pool with step by step instructions. The Blue Connect will also send you a notification through the app when the water level in your Plunge Pool is low. By using this smart device, there will be no more uncertainty about what’s in your pool.

Though some maintenance is required with your Plunge Pool, you will still have hours of enjoyment thanks to your AstralPool Equipment Package. AstralPool is an industry leader when it comes to supplying parts for the Pool and Spa Industry. The quality of their products, as well as maintenance friendly items make owning a Plunge Pool as easy as possible.

Want to learn more about our Bronze Package? Or maybe compare to our Silver and Gold Packages? Find out more here.

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