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So you have chosen your pool size, equipment package and upgrades. It’s now time to choose your Pool finish! At Plunge Pools Direct, all our Plunge Pools are sold as standard with a concrete finish, however we do have other options available.

So how do you choose? At the end of the day it comes down to several factors including the look you are after, how much ongoing maintenance you want as well as budget.

Remember when choosing a colour for your selected finish, to take into consideration the surrounds of your Plunge Pool. For example, it may be the case where you want a light decking surround for your pool. In this case, darker colours would make a lovely contrast.

To see our full range of options available, please see below.

Aqualux Pool Interior

Available for our Delta, Celeste and Luna Plunge Pool, our Aqualux Pool Interior is a popular option for those wanting a cost effective, low maintenance finish on their Plunge Pool. Made from a commercial membrane that is constructed from 0.75mm virgin vinyl, this pool interior will not chip, peel, crack, separate or blister.

Featuring a smooth to the touch finish and UV inhibitors, this super strong finish is thick and durable.

For additional information on our Aqualux Interior, please click here.


We have 2 choices when it comes to tiles for your Plunge Pool, Ceramic and Glass Mosaic.

Fully Tiling your Pool or Spa is a worthwhile investment , it allows the pool and spa to become the showcase of the surrounds. It not only enhances the look and the feel, but will create an environment that becomes much easier to maintain.

If tiling is your choice of interior finish, choosing which tile type will come down to a couple of different factors: colour, style and budget.

Ceramic is the perfect option for those wanting a tiled Plunge Pool with a budget in mind. With multiple colour choices available there is options to suit a large variety of landscapes.

If the Ceramic Range doesn’t meet your requirements and you wish to take your Plunge Pool to the next level, the Glass Mosaic range will take it there. The array of colours will transform any Plunge Pool into a feature of the landscape. Not only are they easy to maintain, but the glass will absorb the light at night giving the Plunge Pool a new overall look.


A popular option for those that are happy to do some DIY, our painted finish is a fantastic way to take your Plunge Pool to the next level, at a fraction of the cost.

With multiple colours available (see below), the process of a painted Plunge Pool consists of:

  • Removing all traces of oil, grease and any other forms of contamination using a LuxaPool Concentrated Wash
  • Apply masking tape on surfaces you don’t want painted (you don’t want to accidentally paint that new decking or tiling around your pool)
  • Apply a SuperSeal Primer to the internal of your Plunge Pool
  • Apply base coat of your LuxaPool paint to your Plunge Pool from one of the many colour options available
  • Apply a coat of Colormaker Unicryl HD Clear Glaze to your Plunge Pool Interior

Please Note: Some photographs have been supplied to us from our liner manufacturer.







Luxury range

Our Luxury tile range features ceramic tiles that measure 48mm x 48mm. These tiles are available in a range of different colours, perfect for your Plunge Pool.

White CMC095

Ocean Blue CMC098

Ocean Blue CMC098

Antique Aqua CMC126

Antique Aqua CMC126

Mid-Blue CMC135

Mid-Blue CMC135

Mid-Grey CMC310

Mid-Grey CMC310

Elite range

The Elite tile range features our Glass Mosaic Tiles, perfect for those wanting to take their Plunge Pool one step further. Measuring 48mm x 48mm these tiles are available in a variety of different colours to suit your backyard vision.

Bay Blue Glass

Ocean Blue Glass

Deep Blue Glass

Jade Green Glass

Pure White Glass

Grey Glass

Black Glass

Paint options

Please Note: Pool colours can appear different to those shown below due to factors such as, weather, water and pool lighting, time of day, etc. For more information please contact us.

White (CR)
Pacific Blue (CR)
Adriatic (CR)
Misty Blue
Mid Blue
Slate (CR)
Deep Ocean
Regency White
Emerald Green
Pond Green
Brook Green (CR)
Aqua Mist (CR)