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So you have chosen your pool size, equipment package and upgrades. It’s now time to choose your Pool finish! We have multiple options available: Aqualux Membrane as well as Ceramic or Glass tiles.

So how do you choose? At the end of the day it comes down to several factors including the look you are after, how much ongoing maintenance you want as well as budget.

Remember when choosing a colour for your selected finish, to take into consideration the surrounds of your Plunge Pool. For example, it may be the case where you want a light decking surround for your pool. In this case, darker colours would make a lovely contrast.

To see our full range of options available, please see below.

Please Note: Some photographs have been supplied to us from our membrane manufacturer.

NOTE: The maximum water temperature for an Aqualux Membrane interior pool is 32º C





Coral Sand




Our Crystal Glass Shimmer interior is a multi component finish made from recycled and infused glass and features a waterline and stepped border in a tile of your choice

Sky Blue

Blue Sands

Night Sky

Morning Dew

Pearl Glass Tile Range- Limited Stock Available

Niebla Dark Blue 54400 25mm

Glass Tile Range

The Glass Tile range features our Glass Mosaic Tiles, perfect for those wanting to take their Plunge Pool one step further. Measuring 23mm x 23mm and 48mm x 48mm these tiles are available in a variety of different colours to suit your backyard vision.

Stone Pearl White 23mm

Bay Blue Glass 48mm

Ocean Blue Glass 48mm

Deep Blue Glass 48mm

Jade Green Glass 48mm

Pure White Glass 48mm

Grey Glass 48mm

Black Glass 48mm

Ceramic Tile range

Our Ceramic Tile range features ceramic tiles that measure 23mm x 23mm and 48mm x 48mm. These tiles are available in a range of different colours, perfect for your Plunge Pool. For sizing of each tile, please see name of tile below.

White CMC114 23mm

White CMC095 48mm

Ice Blue CMC129 23mm

Ice Blue CMC130 48mm

Antique Aqua CMC125 23mm

Antique Aqua CMC126 48mm

Blue Green CMC132 25mm

Cyan Blue CMC090 48mm

Mid-Blue CMC135 48mm

Capri Blue CMC101 48mm

Atlantic CMC331 48mm

Coral Sea CMC336 48mm

Neptune CMC341 48mm

Mediterranean Blue CMC100 48mm

Dark Blue CMC140 48mm

Midnight Blue CMC144 23mm

Midnight Blue CMC145 48mm

Ocean Blue CMC098 48mm

Light Grey CMC315 48mm

Mid-Grey CMC310 48mm

Dark Grey CMC304 23mm

Matt Black CMC122 48mm

Black CMC119 23mm

Black CMC120 48mm

Aqualux Pool Interior

Our Aqualux Membrane Pool Interior is a popular option for those wanting a cost effective, low maintenance finish on their Plunge Pool. Made from a commercial membrane that is constructed from 0.75mm virgin vinyl, this pool interior will not chip, peel, crack, separate or blister.

Featuring a smooth to the touch finish and UV inhibitors, this super strong finish is thick and durable.

For additional information on our Aqualux Interior, please click here.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are our standard option for those wanting a tiled Plunge Pool. With multiple different colour options available, ceramic tiles are a popular way to take your Plunge Pool to the next level. Along with this tiles require lower maintenance than other selected finishes available on the market.

Design Tip: Looking for something to take your Plunge Pool to the next step? Why not consider a stepped border for the seating area of the pool? Not only will it be safer to enter and exit the pool (especially at night) but it will also take your pool to the next level.

Glass Tiles

Fully tiling your Pool or Spa is a worthwhile investment, it allows the pool and spa to become the showcase of the surrounds. It not only enhances the look and the feel, but will create an environment that becomes much easier to maintain.

Glass tiles are a popular option for those wanting a prestigious look from their Plunge Pool. Not only are there multiple colour options available but the styling designs are never ending.

Tiles require lower maintenance than other selected finishes available on the market, providing you with years of enjoyment from your pool. Along with this Glass tiles will take your pool one step further as the glass tile will absorb light resulting in a different overall look every day.

Design Tip: For a stunning WOW factor, why not have a stepped border for your pool in a contrasting colour to the rest of your pool. Not only will this bring your plunge pool to the next level, it also adds a safety element. Entering and exiting your pool will become easier as you will see where each step begins and ends.