Melbourne packages and Upgrades

At Plunge Pools Direct, we believe that each customer is different, which is why we have a a range of Packages and Upgrades available.

Our Plunge Pools are all sold in kit form, where you choose the Plunge Pool size, then build up from there. To make the process as easy as possible we have broken this down into easy segments.


We have 3 packages available consisting of Bronze, Silver and Gold. All Packages include AstralPool Equipment consisting of: Pump, Filter, Controller, Handover Kit, LED Light, Light Transformer, Skimmer and Eyeball Return. For a full list of Inclusions and Package Breakdowns, please see below.


After you have chosen your Package it is time to choose from our list of Upgrades. As Plunge Pools are as standard a seasonal product, you now have the option of turning your Plunge Pool into a Pool that can run and be used for 365 days a year. With options available such as Heat Pumps, Gas Heaters and Hardcovers, your Plunge Pool will not only be economical to run, but something you can use all year round. Our other popular options consist of chlorine free water with Crystal Waters Pool and Spa Solutions, as well as our Plunge Pool Concrete Equipment Pad which can lessen your install process by 2-3 days, and is an cheaper alternative to pouring on site. Our full range of Upgrades can be found below.


Lastly it is time to consider the Finish of your Plunge Pool.  Our Plunge Pools are sold as standard with our concrete finish, however there is also the option of Tiles or a Painted Finish. For our range of Tile Options, please see below.

Bronze Package

Bronze includes all the necessary equipment for a clear and clean filtered Plunge Pool. With this system, just balance your water, and remember you need an approved Sanitiser product. For our Bronze Package we recommend using Crystal Waters Pool and Spa Solutions, our Chlorine Free chemical system.

  • Viron P320 XT Variable Speed Pump
  • CA300 Media Filter
  • Viron Glass Media Course
  • Viron Glass Media Super Fine
  • Viron Connect Pool and Spa Controller
  • Handover Kit
  • SLX Light flush mount LED 7 colours
  • SLX Light Transformer
  • APA Skimmer White
  • Grey Skimmer Lid
  • Eyeballs Return

Silver Package

Silver is our mid range system, as with the Bronze package this system will include everything required for your Plunge Pool. In the Silver Package, we also add Acquatherepé Magnesium, a system that when combined with a chlorine generator, can automatically sanitise and kill bacteria in the Plunge Pool. With this system, please note that you will still have the responsibility of water balancing.

  • Viron P320 XT Variable Speed Pump
  • CA300 Media Filter
  • Viron Glass Media Course
  • Viron Glass Media Super Fine
  • Viron eQuilibrium EQ18 Chlorinator with pH Probe
  • Viron Connect Pool and Spa Controller
  • Acquatherepe’
  • Handover Kit
  • SLX Light flush mount LED 7 colours
  • SLX Light Transformer
  • APA Skimmer White
  • Grey Skimmer Lid
  • Eyeballs Return

Gold Package

Gold is our Elite package, designed for pool owners who have minimal time in maintaining their pool, and would enjoy a lower maintenance Plunge Pool as possible. This system includes a self-adjusting sanitisation system, which can assist with maintaining correct water balance (water testing is still necessary).

  • Viron P320 XT Variable Speed Pump
  • CA300 Media Filter
  • Viron Glass Media Course
  • Viron Glass Media Super Fine
  • Viron eQuilibrium EQ18 Chlorinator
  • Viron eQuilibrium pH & ORP Probes
  • Viron Connect Pool and Spa Controller with Internet Gateway
  • Acquatherepe’
  • Handover Kit
  • SLX Light flush mount LED 7 colours
  • SLX Light Transformer
  • APA Skimmer White
  • Grey Skimmer Lid
  • Eyeballs Return

Package Breakdown

Learn about the components in our packages below.

Viron P320 XT Variable Speed Pump
AstralPool’s Viron XT pumps are incredibly efficient, reducing the lifetime pool operating and ownership costs while offering incredibly high flow and pressure when required to meet the most demanding applications. A full variable speed controller allows you to tailor the flow rate to suit your pool and filtration and unique features such as overdrive and fast prime make the XT the most versatile variable speed pump on the market.

CA300 Filter with Viron Active Media
AstralPools CA Media Filter is 100% designed and made in Australia from the most advanced injection moulding and assembly process of any filter. Engineered and designed for high strength, long life, optimal flow rates and easy installation and service the CA Media filter range provides the best value for money filter range which is designed for tough Australian conditions. The Viron Active Media is uniquely actively charged and filters 30% more organic material than sand or conventional glass.

Viron Connect Controller
Viron Connect is to the swimming pool what home automation is to the modern home. An advanced LCD touch screen interface enables the whole family to use the pool and spa, whenever and however. One touch “favourite” menus allow a single touch of a button to turn
on your favourite spa pool setting, party settings or water feature and pool lights for a relaxing poolside BBQ.

SLX Light flush mount LED 7 colours
With 7 standard colours to choose from, the SLX Lights can be matched to give the perfect enhancement to your pool at night.

SLX Light Transformer
A Light Transformer is an essential element to any vessel of water that contains a light. A Light Transformer changes power from AC to DC power and therefore changes the power to a lower voltage, making it safe to use your Plunge Pool.

Handover Kit
Our Handover Kits contain everything needed for the initial maintenance of your brand new Plunge Pool. Our kit includes a telepole, vac head, brush, leaf scoop, 4 in 1 test kit, CPR chart, beach ball and a selected length pool hose.

APA Skimmer White
Our Skimmer is one of the largest leaf baskets available which results in a reduced frequency of cleaning. Made from Australian compounded UV stabilized high impact ABS plastic, our Skimmer is also Australian designed and manufactured. Our Skimmer is a reliable single piece construction, which has no glue joins that can leak and is extra quiet with the weir flap sitting under the water line.

Grey Skimmer Lid
The Skimmer Lid is made from compounded UV stabilized high impact ABS plastic and sits on top of the APA Skimmer.

Eyeballs Return
For adequate water flow all Pools require a Eyeball Return. water flow works by the water going through the pump, then into the filter. in cases where you have a Chlorinator, the water then goes through here. Lastly, to be able to go back into the Plunge Pool, the water will go through the Eyeball Return. On pumps that have a high water flow, it is recommended to have 2 Eyeball Returns for optimal filtration.


HP126 Heat Pump 12.6Kw
Maximize your pool usage throughout the year with a Heat Pump! Heat Pumps absorb 80% of the heat in the air to help heat the pool, which not only helps maximize your pool usage throughout the year, but also provides a lower running cost. This allows your pool to stay consistently warm and comfortable for you to swim in, regardless of the outside weather temperature.

HiNRG 175, 250 and 400 Gas Heater
High Performance, highly reliable and in a compact package. The AstralPool HiNRG Heaters are designed for rapid heat up of your swimming pool or spa and to work with today’s energy efficient variable speed pumps, even when set on energy efficient low speed. Available in three models, the 175, 250 and 400, the HiNRG Heater can be ordered for Natural Gas or LPG and has kilowatt equivalent outputs of 39 kW, 55kW or a massive 90 kW. The build quality, an important factor for gas pool and spa heating is so high that the HiNRG Heater is covered by a 5 year limited warranty on both commercial and residential installations.

Blue Connect
Blue Connect is the solution to monitor, care and enjoy your pool. Blue Connect, the smart pool analyser, is a device that combines a water quality sensor and smart algorithms which mixes water, weather and user data. Blue Connect combined with the smartphone app will help you look after your pool 24/7, even if you are away. No more uncertainty about what in your pool.

Zodiac TX35 Tornax Robotic Pool Cleaner
The TX35 cleans both the walls and floor of your Plunge Pool with a 2.5 hour cleaning cycle, leaving your Plunge Pool looking clean and ready for use. With front scrubbing brushes the TX35 provides a deep clean to remove debris that is stuck on the walls and on the floor. Installation is easy with Plug and Play technology and a large handle to make removal of the TX35 from your Pool easy.

Spa Jets x 6
Take your Plunge Pool to the next level with Jets. Imagine melting away your daily stresses against our relaxing jets.

pH & ORP Sensors
This upgrade is perfect for those that want a Plunge Pool with lower maintenance. The pH Sensor is a system that will regularly take readings of your waters pH. If it detects that your pH is higher than the recommended level, it will add acid through the feeder until your pH is correctly balanced (Optional for Bronze). The ORP Sensor works similar, but with your Magnesium level (Optional for Bronze and Silver package, unless Crystal Waters Pool and Spa Solutions is being used). If the sensor detects that you have a low sanitiser level, it will make more sanitiser and add to your Plunge Pool water until it is correctly balanced.

Transform your pool into a luxurious mineral bath. Specially blended minerals are designed to soften your pool and spa water, for a swimming or bathing experience like no other. Swimmers can absorb up to 500ml of water in an hour of pool use so the unique blend of Acqua Therepé can provide health benefits for the skin, hair, eyes and nervous system. Acquatherepé is specially formulated with a blend of minerals that offer the following benefits:
– Softens water for a silky smooth swimming experience
– Inhibits scale, staining and calcium build up
– Luxuriate in a mineral spa in your own backyard

Crystal Waters
Experience crystal clear water with Crystal Waters Pool and Spa Solutions. This hospital grade Sanitiser is a gentle alternative to products such as salt and bromine, and doesn’t affect allergies such as asthma, dermatitis, eczema or psoriasis.

Internet Gateway Module
Release the full potential of your Connect unit and allow yourself to experience the limitless freedom of controlling your pool and spa from anywhere in the home or on the move. The Internet Gateway allows an ethernet connection or WiFi connection from your Connect unit to your home router. Once connected, download and use the Connect My Pool APP to your mobile device and start controlling your pool and spa from anywhere!

S5 Suction Cleaner
The S5 Suction Cleaner has a compact, two-wheeled design that enables the cleaner to move quickly around your pool for a thorough clean. It easily handles sloping floors, and 90-degree floor to wall angles, even getting all the way to the water line. Due to its compact design it will get into more tight spaces than virtually any other cleaner.

SLX LED Light for Output Transformer
With 7 standard colours to choose from, the SLX Lights can be matched to give the perfect enhancement to your pool at night. With 3 Colour Transition Modes, (Smooth, Fade and Disco) pool parties are elevated to the next level. We have even thought to add 3 brightness levels so not only can you select the right Colour or Mode for your surrounds, you can even choose the right level of output as well

Valve Actuator
Valve actuators are an important part of pool automation should you wish to add spa jets to your plunge pool. They are used for changing the water flow as required by a pre set program or via the touch of a button on your smart phone.

Step: Concrete
Concrete is the perfect seating solution for your Plunge Pool. Options include a half step, quarter seating area, half seating area, or full seating area. As our Concrete Steps are poured on site you can work 1 on 1 with your builder for any step or seating configuration to suit your needs. Even better, our Concrete Steps can be tiled, creating a truly unique look with endless possibilities.

Seat: Stainless Steel
Our soon to be released Stainless Steel Seat is the perfect option for those seeking a more modernized look. With its sleek modern design, our Stainless Steel Seat is sure to take your Plunge Pool to the next level, and leave you being the envy of all your family and friends.

Step Safe Pool Compliant Steps
The Step Safe Pool Compliant Steps take the hassle out of fencing around your Plunge Pool. Our Compliant Steps meet all regulations and are maintenance free, with a Monument Grey Colorbond finish. With a handrail for extra convenience, our Step Safe is the perfect addition for your Plunge Pool.

Experience a Plunge Pool with a running cost like no other, with a fitted Hardcover. Specially made to fit your Plunge Pool, our Hardcovers not only keep the heat in, but also prevent dirt and leaves from getting into the Plunge Pool when not in use, making maintenance as easy as possible.

Plunge Pool Ladder
Our Plunge Pool Ladder is the perfect accessory for any Plunge Pool. Made from 316L Marine Grade Stainless Steel, our ladder can be used by all ages and takes the hassle out of exiting your Plunge Pool.

Plunge Pool Concrete Equipment Pad
Install your Plunge Pool Equipment Package faster with our Concrete Equipment Pad. Having already been pre-made, this can lessen your installation process by 2-3 days, leaving you splashing in your Plunge Pool in no time! At almost half the price than pouring on site, the Plunge Pool Equipment Pad is your money and time saving solution.

Tile Options

Tiles* are a great option if you are looking for a unique finish to your Plunge Pool. With numerous colours and finishes available, our Tile range can be used for the inside and outside of your Plunge Pool, as well as the lip.

* Supply Only. Installation of Tiles not included. Please consult your Pool Builder for Installation costs.