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Plumbing Equipment Skid

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What is a Equipment Plumbing Skid?

Our Plumbing Skids measure 2.2m l x 905mm w x 1.345m h and are designed to take the hassle out of the installation of a Plunge Pool. The Plumbing Skid consists of a platform where all the equipment for the pool sits. The equipment will arrive to site secured on this platform and will already be pre-plumbed, pressure tested and pre-programmed. All that’s required is the preparation of a flat, solid surface for the Plumbing Skid to sit on. Once the pool is placed into position on site, the plumber or pool installer just needs to connect the Plumbing Skid to the pool via suction and return. It’s as easy as that!

Why do I need a Equipment Plumbing Skid?

If you upgrade your order to include a Plumbing Skid, this eliminates the need for a pool builder to install the pool. This is a popular option for those living in rural areas and don’t have anyone local to install their pool. With a Pool Plumbing Skid, you have the option of being an owner builder (subject to having a white card), or alternatively could hire a local builder. All you would need to do in this scenario is obtain a permit for their pool, and then prepare an adequate base for the pool (subject to a soil test). Once the pool is delivered, you just need a plumber to connect the pool to the Plumbing Skid.

Premium Quality Components

A. Each Pool Plumbing Skid includes 4 fitted lifting rings with shackles along with 2 slings. When your Pool Plumbing Skid is being delivered, attach the slings to the lifting rings to lift the skid into position via crane. All lifting rings, shackles and slings are safety approved.

B. Our Pool Plumbing Skids include 6 adjustable rubber feet to ensure that your Pool Plumbing Skid sits level on its hard, flat & level solid surface. It is important to remember to adjust the feet so your Plumbing Skid is level otherwise warranty will be voided.

C. The equipment on the Plumbing Skid is fixed to a galvanized sheet metal platform. This structure is powder coated in Monument Gray so not only will it look modern but it will also be low maintenance.

D. All nuts and bolts used on our Pool Plumbing Skids are corrosion resistant for your convenience.

E. Clamps are used to hold all plumbing into position on the Pool Plumbing Skid. With a patented quick locking system, these two-screw clamps are noise insulated according to DIN 4109.

F. We use 90˚ sweeping bends as our plumbing fittings as they have up to 30% better water flow compared to alternative options. This will help lower your running cost due to a more efficient water flow.

G. Our valves used in our Pool Plumbing Skids never need lubricating, resulting in no maintenance. Valves are an essential element to your plumbing for your pool equipment (with or without a plumbing skid) as they are a shut off valve. This means if maintenance is required for your pool equipment all you have to do is shut off the valve to stop the water flow instead of draining the pool. The valves used in our Pool Plumbing Skids are chemical resistant and UV stabilized. Note: Valve brand is subject to change

H. All barrel unions are chemical resistant & UV stabilized. They are used for quick connection for suction and return to your pool.

Alternative process to using a Plumbing Skid

Alternative Process

Equipment Plumbing Skid Process

  • Homeowner to source a plumber/pool installer to install pool equipment
  • The plumber/pool installer needs to create a layout plan of how the equipment will be set up. This layout will be determined by factors such as equipment purchased, space available on site to install equipment as well as following equipment manufacturers install instructions to ensure that all the equipment works the way it is designed to.
  • Plumber/pool installer to work out what parts are required to install the pool equipment (based on concept plan). Items consisting of elements such as: clamps, plumbing fittings, valves, barrel unions & more.
  • Note: It is important for the homeowner to request quality components for the plumber/pool installer to use for pool equipment setup. For example if sweeping bends aren't used, optimal water flow won’t be achieved. In this scenario, the equipment won’t run as efficiently as it otherwise would.
  • A hard level, solid surface (such as a concrete slab) must be poured ready for the equipment to sit on.
  • The plumber/pool installer needs to unbox all pool equipment and then setup, as per the concept plan created earlier.
  • Once the pool equipment is set up, the plumber/pool installer will need to pressure test the plumbing to ensure it is set up correctly and determine there are no leaks.
  • Once all is tested and set up correctly, the plumber/pool installer/homeowner will need to organize someone to come out on site to program the equipment. This is to be completed by someone who knows how to program Fluidra (AstralPool) equipment.
  • Prepare a hard, flat & level solid surface for the Pool Plumbing Skid to sit on.
  • Position Plumbing Skid accordingly on the prepared base.
  • Once positioned adjust the 6 rubber feet so that the Pool Plumbing Skid is sitting level (Failure to do so will void warranty).
  • Connect Pool Plumbing Skid to Pool via suction & return.

Plumbing Skid Options Available

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Skid #1: Economy Equipment Package

Skid #2: Economy Equipment Package with Heat Pump

Skid #3: Economy Equipment Package with Spa Jet Pump

Skid #4: Economy Equipment Package with Heat Pump & Spa Jet Pump

Skid #5: Gold Equipment Package

Skid #6: Gold Equipment Package with Heat Pump

Skid #7: Gold Equipment Package with Spa Jet Pump

Skid #8: Gold Equipment Package with Heat Pump & Spa Jet Pump