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Plunge into Summer Sale

December 5, 2019

Escape the heat this Summer with your very own Plunge Pool

Our Sale:

Summer has finally arrived! Woohoo! Have you ever thought about creating your very own tropical paradise complete with your very own Plunge Pool? Yes? Well now’s the time to stop dreaming, and start doing with our massive ‘Plunge into Summer Sale’. Although Plunge Pools can be used all year round there is nothing like creating your own bliss these Summer holidays with one of our many Plunge Pool offers.


With installation taking as little as 1-2 days, there has never been a better time to purchase a Plunge Pool. This Summer we have multiple Pool offers available. All promotional offers include an AstralPool Equipment Package (Bronze, Silver or Gold) which includes everything you need to get your pool up and running.

Here’s a look at some of our promotions.

1. Luxapool Epoxy Promotion: For those in the budget range looking for a Plunge Pool there is no better option than our ‘Luxapool Epoxy’ pool finish. Available in a range of different colours from blues to greens to even yellow, there’s an option to suit everyone. Simply pick your colour and it will be applied to your chosen pool pre delivery. For those who are a bit more handy and willing to save a little, there is also the option of purchasing our Luxapool Epoxy as a DIY kit.

We have multiple promotions of this fantastic pool finish along with our Bronze Equipment Package. Prices starting from $12,402 whilst stock lasts.

2. Aqualux Membrane Promotion: Our Aqualux Membrane pool finish is a popular option for those who are after a pool with less maintenance. Made from a commercial membrane that is constructed from 0.75mm virgin vinyl, this membrane interior will not crack, peel, chip, blister or separate. Available at this stage only for selected pools, this finish is exclusive to Plunge Pools Direct (concrete Plunge Pool precast industry only). Unlike other pool interiors on the market, an Aqualux finish will not graze skin or catch on swimwear making it the perfect pool interior. Available in a range of different colours this super strong interior can stretch over 200% before breaking (industry standard is approx. 4% before breaking).

We have multiple promotions on offer featuring our Aqualux Membrane interior which includes our Bronze Equipment Package. Prices starting from $14,353 whilst stock lasts.

3. Tiled Promotion: For those with a slightly higher budget we have a range of tiled Plunge Pools available. Whereas some other pool companies may only offer 1 range of tiles we have 2 available. Ceramic which is part of our ‘Luxury’ tile range as well as Glass, part of our ‘Elite’ range. Each range of tiles has a large variety of different coloured tiles, perfect to help achieve the look of your very own backyard retreat. 

At Plunge Pools Direct, we find that Glass is the most popular option for those wanting to take their Plunge Pool to the next level. Not only are they easy to maintain but at night, the glass will absorb the light giving your pool a new overall look.

We have multiple promotions currently on offer featuring our Tiled interior which includes our Bronze Equipment Package. Prices currently starting from $16,569 with limited stock available, whilst stock lasts.

4. Other: Haven’t chosen what finish you would like in your Plunge Pool? Never fear, we have raw finish Plunge Pools available as well. Simply start with a pool and build up your Pool from there.


So what are you waiting for? Get the process started today with your very own Plunge Pool. To view our range of current specials and promotions, please click here. To learn more about the equipment that makes up our packages, check out our Blog (Bronze Package).

Interested in cooling in Summer and heating in winter? We have a range of Upgrades available to make this possible, such as our Heat Pumps & Hardcovers. A full range of Upgrade options available for our Pools can be found here.

If you can’t find exactly what you are after on on our Specials page get in touch, we would be happy to build a Package for you with any pool from our range. Our full product range can be found here.

In the case where you would like to speak directly to a human, get in touch! We would love to hear from you! Either call us on 1300 826 538 or send us an Enquiry via our Form and we will call you to discuss your requirements and provide you with a quote.

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