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Plunge Pools 365 Days a Year

July 17, 2019

When you think of a Plunge Pool you may think of a vessel of water that can only be used for a few months of the year. Whereas this may have been the case years ago, it isn’t anymore! Technology has come a long way over the last several years which now means that you can use your Plunge Pool all year round. Imagine it being the middle of winter and getting home from work to a nice, hot, relaxing Plunge Pool- well now you can!

So what do you need to use your Plunge Pool all year round? Find out below.


Heating is a massive part when it comes to owning a pool, spa or swim spa, so why should a Plunge Pool be any different? 

At Plunge Pools Direct we find that 95% of our customers purchase a Heat Pump along with their Plunge Pool as they are more economical than other heating sources. If you have an existing gas line, another option would be a Gas Heater. We have multiple sizes available depending on what heat up time you would like (the bigger the Gas Heater, the quicker the heat up time).

In other cases, Solar might be an option. In the case where you would like to use Solar as well as a Gas Heater or a Heat Pump, don’t forget that you will need a Valve Actuator, a diverter which is used in cases where you have multiple heating sources.

Key features of Heat Pumps and Gas Heaters can be found below.


In the case where you have purchased a heating source for your Plunge Pool, it is always recommended to purchase a Hardcover as well. Our Hardcovers have an actual hard top (as opposed to traditional pool covers which are soft) making it more heavy duty than a plastic hardcover that sits directly over the water. The hardcover will have a thick foam in between the vinyl which is essential to keeping the warm temperature inside the pool.

Whilst being UV and chemical resistant, our hardcovers are also anti-mould resistant, making it a must have for your Plunge Pool.

Hardcover benefits can be found below.

So as you can see, with just the addition of a good quality hardcover as well as an external heating source, your Plunge Pool can be used all year round.

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