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Plunge Pools Direct: Pool Sizes Guide

August 16, 2019

So you’ve made the decision to purchase a Plunge Pool. The first step is to choose where you would like to put the pool. For items to consider when choosing a location for your Plunge Pool, please see our Blog.

After looking at access (to see how the pool will be delivered), next comes the step of choosing the size of your Plunge Pool. At Plunge Pools Direct we have the option of rectangle and round Plunge Pools. This blog covers our range of pools available.

Round Plunge Pools:

Star Plunge Pool: The Star is our smallest round Plunge Pool and features an open design (no seating). With a diameter of 2.5m and height of 1.51m this Plunge Pool is a perfect addition for your backyard. As this pool doesn’t feature seating in manufacturing, there is always the option to have your builder/installer add seating to the pool to your specifications on site*. The Star holds a total of 5,000 litres and weighs approx. 3,986KGs with our standard concrete finish.

Celeste Plunge Pool: Although the Celeste measures the same as the Star (2.5m diameter x 1.51m high), there is one big difference. The Celeste includes a step into the pool with a spacious seating plan. This Plunge Pool is perfect for those who have a small backyard yet want a pool they can sit back and relax in. The Celeste holds 4,300 litres and weighs approx. 4,323KGs with our standard concrete finish.

Vega Plunge Pool: Though the Vega measures 2.5m in diameter, this pool has one big difference. The depth. With a depth of 2.01m high, this pool is fantastic for those who want to take their pool one step further. An item to consider for this pool is having seating poured on site (after the pool is delivered) to your specifications*. The Vega holds 7,000 litres and weighs approx. 4,933KGs with our standard concrete finish.

Nova Plunge Pool: The Nova is one of our most popular pools in our round, non seated range. With its large diameter of 3.35m and height of 1.51m, we have found in a lot of cases that clients have added their own seating designs with their builder,* creating some unique designs. With our standard concrete finish, the Nova weighs approx. 6,002KGs and holds 9,600 litres.

Luna Plunge Pool: The Luna is the largest round Plunge Pool in our range that includes seating. With a stepped design into the pool and a large seating area, the Luna measures a diameter of 3.35m and a height of 1.51m. With our standard concrete finish, the Luna weighs approx. 6,313KGs and holds 8,800 litres. With its large diameter and seating design, the Luna is one of the most popular round pools in our Concrete Plunge Pool range.

Estella Plunge Pool: The Estella is our largest round Plunge Pool available in our range. Although this Plunge Pool features a diameter of 3.4m and height of 2.01m, the Estella is actually available with a depth of up to 2.725m due to the manufacturing process. Due to the option of having this Plunge Pool deeper, the Estella is a really popular option for Australian backyards. With our standard concrete finish, this pool weighs approx. 7,430KGs and holds 13,800 litres (both figures based on depth of 2.01m).

Rectangle Plunge Pools:

Aurora Plunge Pool: The Aurora is the smallest Plunge Pool available in our rectangle pool range. Measuring 2.6m x 1.24m x 1.49m the Aurora is perfect for those either limited on space, or just want something to cool off in. Though this pool doesn’t include seating in manufacturing, like some of our round pools, the Aurora is able to have seating poured on site (after the pool is delivered) as per your specifications*. The Aurora holds 3,065 litres and weighs approx. 3,184KGs with our standard concrete finish.

Dawn Plunge Pool: The Dawn is our second smallest rectangle concrete Plunge Pool in our range and measures 2.9m x 1.38m x 1.75m. Holding a total of 4,400 lites and weighing approx. 4,916KGs with our standard concrete finish, this Pool is the perfect addition to your backyard. Being a little longer and wider than the Aurora, this pool is perfect for those with a tiny bit of extra space. The extra depth is a great addition to this Plunge Pool as well.

Delta Plunge Pool: The Delta is the largest rectangle Plunge Pool in our range. With a stepped design into the pool, the Delta measures 4m x 2.3m x 1.6 and holds 9,500 litres. With our standard concrete finish, the Delta weighs approx. 7,597KGs. The Delta Plunge Pool is one of our most popular pools available in our range and is fantastic for those who want either a feature in their backyard or to use a pool for exercise purposes using our Super Swim Pole system (upgrade).

All of our Plunge Pools can be installed above, semi in ground or fully in ground. To view our Plunge Pool range please click here.


All Plunge Pools are available with a choice of one of three AstralPool Equipment Packages. Details on our packages including differences (maintenance to no maintenance) along with full inclusions can be found here.


Options to consider when purchasing your Plunge Pool consist of items such as heating- perfect to enjoy using your Plunge Pool all year round along with a Hardcover (to assist with a lower running cost). It might be also an option to add jets, if you are after a massage as well as fun items like extra lighting. Our full range of Optional Upgrades can be found here.


Although sold as standard with our Concrete finish you do have the option to upgrade to one of our multiple finishing options. Options available include our Aqualux Pool Interior, Glass & Ceramic Tiles as well as our DIY Painted Finish. For more information, please click here.

*All seats poured on site for any Plunge Pool are to be installed via your builder.

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