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The Plunge Pool Process

Create the ultimate lifestyle with your very own Plunge Pool! Our round and rectangle concrete Plunge Pools are available from 2,000 liters to 14,000 liters with a range of different packages available, depending on how self-contained you want your pool to be. The process of purchasing a Plunge Pool is easy.

1. Check your site and access

There are 2 main factors to consider before looking at Plunge Pools. Location and Access. When choosing a location it is recommended to consider the following:

  • Where would you like your Plunge Pool situated? Is there a particular view you wish to admire?
  • Is the location private? There could be nothing worse than sitting in your Plunge Pool only to be in full view of your neighbor’s window.
  • Measuring. How much space do you have to place your Plunge Pool? This will help you determine the size and shape you can fit.
  • Equipment for your Plunge Pool must sit separately. The equipment can admit sounds so think of this when choosing your equipment location.
    Plunge Pools can be placed into position in many different ways. This can be via a Crane Truck where the Plunge Pool is craned off the truck, or over fences, or in cases when required, with the assistance of a Franna. In some cases, we can even use a mobile crane.

To ensure a smooth delivery process (and to save money) it is advised to look into the following:

  • Is there a direct route from the entry of your property to your chosen Plunge Pool location? Are there any obstacles in the way? If there are, can they be removed?
  • What kind of terrain is involved? Is your property flat or on a hill? This can mean all the difference for the delivery process.
2. Choose the shape and size of your pool

Now that you have worked out the location, it is time to pick your Plunge Pool shape and size. With both rectangle and round options available, we have options to suit most backyards!

3. Choose if you want to use your Plunge Pool all year round!

Plunge Pools are well known as a seasonal product. This doesn’t have to be. By adding either a Heat Pump or Gas Heater, you can use your Plunge Pool all year round!

4. Choose your Equipment Package

At Plunge Pools Direct we have 3 Equipment Packages available, depending on your lifestyle. Details on packages available can be found in our Packages Section.

5. Choose from our list of optional Upgrades

At this stage you have chosen your Plunge Pool size as well as Equipment Package. It is now time to choose the finishing touches of your Plunge Pool. This can be broken down into 2 areas, Upgrades and Finishes.

As well as our numerous heating options, we also have a range of other Upgrades to choose from, including Hardcovers, Cleaning Systems, Jets, Seating and more! A detailed list of Upgrades can be seen in our our Upgrades Section.

Lastly, choose your finish. Our Plunge Pools include our standard concrete finish, however if you are looking for another finish there are multiple options available.

Options involve painted as well as Tiles. Our full Tile range can be found in our Packages and Upgrades Section.

6. Delivery and install

It’s time for delivery and install (customer or builder to organize). All our Plunge Pools are sold in kit form, however, if you are not sure how to install, let our knowledgeable salespeople know and we can help organize for you.

All Plunge Pools require a base of 100mm thick crushed rock, which must be levelled and compacted. If the base is not level and flat, the base of the Plunge Pool may crack, which is not covered under warranty.

Plunge Pools require a proper foundation, all Plunge Pools require a permit. In cases where a Plunge Pool is installed in the ground, you also have an option of a Step Safe, our Pool Complaint Steps. These are a great option, as it means you don’t need to fence all the way around the Plunge Pool. Details can be found in our Upgrades Section.