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Product Focus: Astrid Plunge Pool

February 4, 2022

Astrid 12,398L Round Plunge Pool

One of the most common questions we got asked at Plunge Pools Direct is when the Estella would be available with seating. With a diameter of 3,400mm and height of 2,010mm the Estella was the deepest round pool available in our range. With this we have worked hard and released our latest in Plunge Pools, the Astrid! The Astrid features everything you love about the Estella but has 2 things added. The first a seat and step area, the second being a standing ledge opposite the seat.

This article covers some of our favourite things about the Astrid!

  • Pool Size: As mentioned above, the Astrid features a diameter of 3,400mm and height of 2,010mm- a popular option for those wanting a deep Plunge Pool!
  • Seating and Standing Ledge: This pool features not only a seating area to make entering and exiting the pool easy but also a standing ledge on the opposite side- perfect for relaxing in!
  • 2 Equipment Package options: We have 2 Equipment Package options available to suit your requirements.
      • Econo Package: This package includes industry standard equipment- everything you will need to use your pool! This is a popular package option for those who don’t need all the bells and whistles of our upgraded packs. With the option of using either Salt or Magnesium (not included in equipment package), this package also includes a Blue Connect- used for simple and automatic water chemistry testing sent straight to your phone.
      • Gold Package: This package is perfect for those who want as little maintenance with their pool as possible. It’s the perfect option for anyone  that wants the healing benefits of a mineral pool as well as wanting a automated system. Using Magnapool Magnesium the Gold Package will monitor the pool’s chlorine & pH levels and dose the water accordingly. This is all controllable from your smart phone using the WiFi component. WiFi will also enable you to control heating (upgrade item) and pumps from your phone- wherever you may be.

Additional information on Equipment Packages available can be found here.

  • Interior Options: We have a few different options available when it comes to the interior of your Astrid. Like our other pools available in the range, pools can be supplied either with a Aqualux Membrane interior, Ceramic or Glass tiled interior as well as Crystal Glass Shimmer (more details will be uploaded soon). Details can be found here.
  • Can be used all year round: By adding upgrades such as a soft cover or a heater (option of Heat Pump and Gas Heater) your pool can not only be used all year round, but it will be affordable to run. With these options selected your pool will be ready for you to use whenever you want it, 7 days a week!

Additional Information: 

The Astrid, like the other pools available in our range have the option of being installed above ground, semi in ground or fully in ground, resulting in the pools being  a very versatile product to suit most backyard requirements.

Wondering what other pool options we have available? Our Plunge Pool range can be found here.

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