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Product Focus: Dawn Plunge Pool

September 25, 2020

Dawn 4,400L Rectangle Plunge Pool

With Australian backyards becoming smaller, and delivery access for pools becoming more and more difficult, our Dawn Plunge Pool is the perfect solution for those with limited space, yet who also want a pool. The second smallest pool in our rectangle Plunge Pool range, the Dawn is quickly becoming our most popular smaller rectangle Plunge Pool.

If limited on space in your courtyard or patio and looking into pool options then this article is for you. Below we go through our favourite things about the Dawn concrete Plunge Pool. 

  •     Compact Size: Measuring 2,900mm x 1,380mm x 1,750mm the Dawn concrete Plunge Pool will fit into almost any small backyard, patio or courtyard. The Dawn is the perfect option for those who want a plunge pool to cool down in in summer, or with the addition of jets and heating, soothe those aches and pains away in winter.
  •     Customizable: Although the Dawn doesn’t include seating as standard we do have the option of adding seats to suit your requirements. Options include adding a bench seat at one end of the pool, or seating at opposite ends of the pool. If you have a specific idea in mind, have a chat to our sales team! Seating will be added in manufacturing and delivered to site along with your selected interior (Aqualux Membrane or Ceramic Tiles/Glass Tiles). Details and colour options for our tile range can be found here.
  •     4 Equipment Packages to choose from: The Dawn, like the rest of our Plunge Pool range, is sold as standard with one of four different AstralPool Equipment Packages.
      • Econo Package: This package includes our industry standard equipment, perfect for those who don’t need all the bells and whistles of our upgraded packs. This package also includes a Blue Connect- used for simple and automictic water chemistry testing sent straight to your phone.
      • Bronze Package: This package is recommended for anyone with skin or respiratory conditions or chlorine sensitivities. This manual dosing system includes Crystal Waters Pool & Spa Solutions, a system designed for those who have time to maintain their pool water on a weekly basis. This system is soft and odourless which is gentle on skin and eyes.
      • Silver Package: This semi-automatic magnesium system provides you with all the benefits of a mineral pool. It also includes a Connect 10 control system to help you manage and maintain your Plunge Pool with ease
      • Gold Package: Perfect for anyone that wants the healing benefits of a mineral pool as well as wanting a automated system. Using Magnapool Magnesium the Gold Package will monitor the pool’s chlorine & pH levels and dose the water accordingly. This is all controllable from your smart phone using the WiFi component. WiFi will also enable you to control heating (upgrade item) and pumps from your phone- wherever you may be

Additional information on our Equipment Packages can be found here.

  •     Interior Options: We have two options when it comes to choosing the interior for your Plunge Pool. For those with a lower our Aqualux Membrane interior is a popular option. Details on the features and benefits can be found here. Colour options available can be viewed here. In cases where you have your heart set on a tiled interior we have the option of ceramic tiles as well as glass tiles. 
  •     Can be used year round: With the options of either Heat Pump, Gas Heater as Solar available for your Plunge Pool it is now affordable to have your Pool ready to use all year round. Details on Heat Pumps & Gas Heaters can be found here. Solar details coming soon.

Additional Information: 

The Dawn, like the other pools available in our range can be installed with above ground, semi in ground or fully in ground, making it a very versatile product. Initial install is possible within 1-2 days (subject to customers builders availability) make it the ultimate backyard project.

Wondering what other pool options we have available? Our Plunge Pool range can be found here.

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