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Product Focus: Estella Plunge Pool

September 13, 2019

Estella 14,000L Round Plunge Pool

If looking for a Plunge Pool with a WOW factor you can’t look past our Estella Plunge Pool.

This Blog post covers 6 things we are loving about the Estella pool right now.

  • Shape & Size: The Estella is the largest and deepest round Plunge Pool in our range. With its open design (no seating), the Estella is perfect for those who want to make a feature in their backyard.
  • Extra Depth Option: Though sold as standard with a depth of 2,010mm, there is the option of the Estella being a total depth of 2.6m. We have found this to be a popular option for those who want a deeper Plunge Pool. In the case where you would like a non standard depth (deeper than 2,010mm), please let our sales team know at time of order.
  • Seating: If the thought of the Estella not having seating is putting you off, then never fear. Though the Estella comes as standard with an open layout there is the option of adding seating on site. So why can’t this be completed pre delivery? The short answer, the weight of the unit. If looking at our standard concrete finish the Estella weighs approx. 7,430KGs. Understandably, if adding seating to the pool this will make the Estella weigh more, making the delivery more costly as you would need a bigger crane. Seating can be added via your builder once the Estella is placed into position on site. This is a great option as you can choose your seating configuration, creating a totally unique Plunge Pool that will suit your needs. It might be the case that you would like a step into the pool with seating half way round the pool or it might be the case where you want seating all the way around- the options are never ending. Once you have chosen your seating configuration with your builder, reinforcing will be placed into adequate position (to ensure strength) and then fully formed with concrete. This is something any qualified builder can do. In the case where you want your Plunge Pool tiled, this is done after the concrete in the pool is set (up to 28 days later, depending on time of year).
  • AstralPool Equipment: The Estella, like all our other Plunge Pools, is sold as standard with one of three AstralPool Equipment Packages. AstralPool is a leader in the Pool & Spa Industry and focuses on energy efficient equipment with low maintenance.* Our three packages are designed for people with different requirements: from those who want to maintain their Plunge Pool to those who want as maintenance free as possible. Details on our different packages can be found here.
  • Chlorine Free: For those interested in our Bronze Package, we have chlorine free available thanks to Crystal Waters Pool & Spa Solutions (CW). Sanitisation for the Plunge Pool is completed with 3 products along with the balancing of pH & Total Alkalinity. CW won’t affect allergies such as psoriasis, dermatitis or asthma and is an all natural chemical system which will leave your pool looking crystal clear. Additional details on CW can be found here. Please note: Crystal Waters Pool & Spa Solutions start up kit is sold as standard with all Bronze equipment packages.
  • Install Method: With initial installation possible within 1-2 days** (subject to your builders availability), this Plunge Pool can be installed either above, semi in ground or fully in ground. With so much variety, the Estella will be sure to enhance your property.

Additional Information:

Though sold as standard with a concrete finish, there is the option of upgrading to either a Ceramic tiled finish or Glass tiled finish or our DIY painted finish. A full list of colours available can be found here.

For additional information on the Estella Plunge Pool, please click here.

So what are you waiting for? To get the process started fro your free Estella Plunge Pool quote, contact us today via our Enquiry Form or call us on 1300 826 538.


*Plunge Pools Direct Gold Package

**Allow additional time if seating on site is required as well as if tiling to be completed after seat added to the pool.


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