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Sand Filter Cleaning

September 20, 2018

Proper filter maintenance is essential for all pools and spas.
There are many ways to clean filters, a lot of it depending on what type of filter your pool or spa has. This guide is suitable for Plunge Pools with a Sand Filter.

Before we cover how to backwash a Sand Filter, it is important to understand why back washing is crucial.
Improper filter maintenance can lead to any, or all of the following.

Unclear/Cloudy Water:
In cases where the filter isn’t cleaned properly and as frequently as required, water can can become unclear and cloudy. In some cases, sand and debris can be found floating in the water, which may mean you need to add more sand after your next backwash.

Luckily all Astral Variable speed pumps when connected to a chlorinator have a built in shut-off-system. This is automatically activated when there is limited flow of water which could be caused by a dirty & clogged Sand Filter. In other words, a backwash is overdue and the filter media is dirty, causing extra strain on your Plunge pool equipment. Rather than potentially causing any damage to your pool equipment it will automatically shut the system down. This does mean however, that your Plunge Pool won’t be able to filter which can cause Algae Growth.

Algae Growth:
In cases where a backwash is overdue and the filters are full, your pool will struggle with filtering. In this circumstance, your pH, Total Alkalinity and active Sanitisation product can be thrown off and become unbalanced, causing your pool to become a breeding ground for bacteria.
In some cases this might go one step further and start Algae to grow in your pool. Not only can this cause sickness to anyone who jumps into the Plunge Pool, but this can be harmful to the equipment in your pool. Incorrect pH and Total Alkalinity turns your water corrosive which over time can eat away at certain equipment components on your pool (eg. pump seals).

Unlike Cartridge Filters which must be cleaned more regularly, sand filters must be cleaned at minimum on a monthly basis (or more often if used on a frequent basis).

Back washing your filter is easy.
Push the lever down and twist into ‘backwash’ position for approx. 3 minutes. Once this is completed change to the ‘rinse’ position for around 1 minute.
Once this is completed remember to change the diverter back to the ‘filtration’ setting. This is essential.

For a full guide on how to backwash your filter, please click on our link for a Video Tutorial on how to backwash your Astral Pool Sand Filter.

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