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Super Swim Poles for Plunge Pools

November 25, 2019

If the thought of limited exercise is putting you off a Plunge Pool, then do we have good news for you! Introducing the Super Swim Pole! Used for years in swim spas and some large swimming pools, the Super Swim Pole is a popular option for those wanting to swim in a pool, but have limited space. Even better, it’s now available as an upgrade in our Delta, Luna & Nova Plunge Pools!

How it works:

The Super Swim Pole consists of a rod that sits at the end of the Plunge Pool that is connected to a rope and harness.

Once in the Plunge Pool, attach the harness around your waist and adjust the length of the rope to the desired length. Then simply start swimming- it’s that easy!

The Super Swim Pole is designed like a giant fishing rod, so once you start swimming the rope will pull you back so you won’t reach the end of the pool. This means that you can swim at your own pace whilst swimming on the spot to get an excellent workout.

This proven system is fantastic for those learning to swim and has also been known to be used as a training tool for those learning to improve their swimming technique as it helps you swim straight.

As the rope length can be adjusted, the Super Swim Pole can be used by the whole family


  • Cheaper option than installing swim jets into Plunge Pool
  • Better swimming experience- no water in your face when swimming (as opposed to swimming against swim jets)
  • Can be used by the whole family
  • Can use to swim different strokes- freestyle, butterfly, breaststroke, etc.

If interested in a Super Swim Pole for your Plunge Pool, please let us know at time of pool order so we can include in your Plunge Pool. A Super Swim Pole is not included as a standard item and is an Upgrade product. Please note this upgrade is only available for our Delta, Luna & Nova Plunge Pools.

For additional information please contact us via our Enquiry Form or call us on 1300 826 538

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