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Tiling for Plunge Pools

July 24, 2020

When it comes to interior options for your Plunge Pool, we have 2 options available. The first being our Aqualux Membrane Interior option, the second being tiling. Tiling a pool enhances the look and the feel of the pool as well as creates an environment that is easier to maintain. We have 2 different tiling types available in our range, with a large range of options of tiling styles.

Ceramic Tiles:

Ceramic tiles are our standard option. With multiple colour options available to suit most backyard designs, our ceramic tile range is a popular way to take your Plunge Pool to the next level. Our large range of tiles also require lower maintenance compared to other selected finishes available on the market.

Glass Tiles:

Glass tiles are a popular option for those wanting a prestigious look for their Plunge Pool. Glass tiles will take your pool one step further as the tile will absorb the light, resulting in a new overall look each day.

Tiling Options:


If ordering a Plunge Pool with a tiled interior, it is important to know that this only includes the interior of the Plunge Pool (additional tiling available upon request). Although most clients choose to have the pool interior tiled in 1 colour from our range of tiles (or upgrade tile selection), there is also the option of enhancing your Plunge Pool with a contrasting colour in the interior. This would be applicable with models such as the Delta, Luna or Celeste as they all include a seating area. In this case, we are able to either fully tile the steps in a 2nd tile colour, or border the steps in a 2nd colour. Not only does this make it safer to see where to stand when entering and exiting your Plunge Pool but it also can add a magnificent contrasting affect to your pool. This is a popular option for our clients and we have seen numerous stunning designs.


If you are after extra tiling this can be done for an additional cost. One of our most popular add ons is a coping tile. If sold as standard, the pool will have a raw waterproofed finish. The client then has the option after the pool is delivered on site to add whatever coping they wish, whether it be wooden, tiled, etc.
In the case where you do wish to get your pool with a coping tile from Plunge Pools Direct the coping tile can match the interior of the pool, or you also have the option to choose another colour. The possibilities are never ending!
We have also had in some cases the request from customers to fully or partially tile the exterior of the pool. This is a popular option for those who are either having their Plunge Pool installed as above ground or semi in ground. Again, this can be completed using either one of our standard tile options, or one of our upgraded tile options.


Wondering what tile colours we have available in our range? Our standard colours can be found here.
If looking for further inspiration of completed jobs we have a few different avenues. Completed installation galleries can be found in our Gallery. Completed tiling jobs can be found on Facebook as well as Instagram– make sure to remember to follow us for the latest photos!

To view our Pool range available, please click here to select your state. With round and rectangle pools available in numerous sizes and seating in some models, these round and rectangle Plunge Pools are available with an option of 4 different equipment packages. We also have Finance available.
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