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Vacant Land: Pool VS. House First

August 27, 2019

So you have just purchased your dream block of land and have decided that along with building your dream house, that you would like a Plunge Pool as well. So when should the pool be delivered? The answer to this question could save you thousands.

There are 2 different ways that this question can be answered, the deciding factor being access. Please see below.


In this scenario, you have a vacant block of land and you have decided that you would like to build your house first, then add a Plunge Pool after the house is completed. There are a few things to consider if taking this route. Most importantly, access. After the house is built, how will you get the pool in and can the pool be delivered easily? Will the pool need to be craned over the house (this can be extremely costly,) or is there side access for an easier delivery? In cases where there is no access along the side of the house, how will you get the pool in? Is there vacant land behind the property or will you maybe need to use a neighbors driveway to have the pool delivered into position? These are all items that should be taken into considering if you have chosen to build your house first with a pool delivery to follow. Remember, the golden rule is ‘the easier the access, the cheaper the delivery cost.’

Maybe you have purchased acreage. In this scenario, delivery of your Plunge Pool first or second won’t really matter (providing there are no obstructions from the driveway to where your pool is going.)


In the case where you would like to have your pool installed first, the way to best achieve this is to have the pool delivered and put into position with installation completed at a later date. This includes excavation (if required) along with preparing the base for the Plunge Pool then placing the Plunge Pool into position. Delivery will be significantly cheaper as delivery will be via a crane truck (local) which can then get into position next to where the pool is to go, then crane the pool into position. In cases where you live outside of Melbourne, a flat top tray truck is recommended to deliver your concrete Plunge Pool to site, followed by a crane meeting the truck to lift the pool into position. This makes the delivery process a lot more affordable.

Once the pool is placed into position, you are then free to build your house with installation of the Plunge Pool to commence when the house is almost finished. As your Plunge Pool requires a plumber and electrician, you could also save costs and have your house plumber and electrician complete your Plunge Pool install.

Please note in cases where you go with this scenario, the pool must be covered (for safety reasons) until fully commissioned.

In summary, at Plunge Pools Direct we suggest that in most cases it will be miles cheaper for our clients to go with scenario 2. Due to the reasons listed above, not only will the delivery be easier, but it can save you thousands.

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